We tested Emma Mattress


When changing the beds, we also had to change one of the mattresses because we did not match the measure. In addition, so that the two beds were level and one of them did not look much taller than the other, we also wanted a mattress that was wide. They had told me wonders about Emma mattresses, so I talked to them for advice and in the end, we decided to give it a try.

The Emma mattress has three layers, one viscoelastic, a layer of cold foam that supports and another Airgocell layer that distributes the pressure; In addition, Emma has been rated as the best mattress in the OCU analysis, so there was no reason not to get one.

I already tell you in advance that it was a success, what the last mattress! My son Guille is delighted with him, in fact, if he were to sleep on the mattress without sheets because he says it is super soft.

It is a firm mattress but that adapts like a glove when we lie on it, it does not matter the weight of the person because it is attached to each body so that the rest is perfect in all cases.

If you decide to buy it, you will see that it comes home completely rolled up and inside a box that really, occupies rather little, and that in addition, then your children will use to spend the afternoon inside … I can almost take them out of the box; We had to make some holes for them to see and they spent the day taking turns with her.

As I say, it comes fully rolled in a plastic, vacuum and with a special cutter so that we can unseat it without damaging it and without fear of anyone cutting.

Once opened, in less than 2 minutes it swells and gradually takes its final form. We left it on the bed in the morning and at night it was already perfect, although in theory, with 2 hours is more than enough.

The Emma mattress has a 10 year warranty and you also have the option to try it for 100 nights to be sure that it adapts to what you were looking for, and otherwise, you can return it without any problem, which is a pass because We don’t have to keep something that is not what we thought.

You have practically all the mattress measures that exist in the market, you just have to enter their website, you can access from here, and choose the appropriate measurement for your bed and see the price that each one has.

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