Ways to simplify cleaning: My best tips

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For a long time, ‘conserving the house’ consumed all my time, but in the end, you realize that it is not necessary. I have gathered some tips to facilitate cleaning and spend more free time with family.


Our lifestyle is much faster than it used to be, especially if you have children. I remember a time when free time was all mine. But since Dani was born, things changed and keeping up with everything was overwhelming. Today I have three more children, I have a shift nurse job, I am a wife, a mother, I have a house to look after, not to mention trying to maintain a social life and have some free time.

I learned that if I want to have an opportunity to spend time with my family, I should not allow things like cleaning to consume all my time. Here are my best tips to help make cleaning easier!



I admit that it used to be that person who goes round and round in smaller and smaller circles trying to keep up with household chores. Having no organization, plan or structure of what he was doing, he often had the feeling that he had achieved nothing. Of course, things were being done, but my method was neither effective nor efficient.

The main thing is to be clear that you are not alone when it comes to cleaning, at home, there are more people who stain and mess up even more than you, so, in our house, everyone has a task (or more than one) of To take charge.

When we are going to do general cleaning, we make a list with everything we want to do, that way cleaning will be easier and less overwhelming.


I know this sounds obvious, but I also know that not many people do it, really the important thing is not the quantity but the quality of the product. I have tried and failed many cleaning products over the years and many have not passed the cut. If they don’t do exactly what you want them to do, when you want them to do it, you’re wasting time and effort!


Our ancestors scrubbed the floor with their hands and knees, but that doesn’t mean we should do it too. One of the best purchases I have made for house cleaning is the microfiber mop that I found in Lionshome, super comfortable to use and leaves the house parquet like new. With three children at home, you can imagine the times that you can scrub the floor because something has been spilled … I say no more. Since we have it, the cleaning is carried out just as well, but in less time, which is perfect!


I hate cleaning, I tell you, but keeping up with household chores is much more efficient than having to do a deep cleaning once a week. I steal all the moments I can to do a quick five-minute cleaning and this reduces the overall task and the feeling that everything is shoulder sleeve at the end of the week. While I wait for the coffee to come out in the morning, I sweep the kitchen floor. If I’m taking a shower, when I finish, I quickly wipe the shower handles and the screen. While cooking, I load the dishwasher, instead of doing everything at the same time in the end.


If they gave me a penny every time I put something at home in their place, I would be rich, and five generations later. I would love to live in a minimalist home, but I am married to a hoarder. So I just have to tidy up and ask that each of them order their things (and occasionally throw away what is not worth anything without attracting much attention). It seems a lie that changes an orderly room, sometimes it is not necessary or clean, it is liberating!

I used to feel that it was not possible to have everything clean and tidy. I looked at the house and felt that something was always missing because there was no way to keep up with everything. That is not true. I can work, have a family, a life and a clean house, I just had to change the way I was doing things. I evaluated which areas of my life could improve and how it could facilitate cleaning was one of the best decisions I made for myself and for my family life.

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