Unicorns and Charming Personalized Dolls

Preparing for the child

Attention to two of the star dolls, the white bunny, which is my favorite and the unicorn, which awakens passions. Look how adorable and beautiful they are.

The bunny, in large size, requests me as a detail for the decoration of the children’s room. It would be great, for example, in one of the beds or bunk beds that I propose in my Galissea blog (link here), would it be a perfect detail? I have seen it up close in the first person and I assure you it is impressive of beautiful, small hands Mar.

And the unicorn is ideal for both the little ones to play as a pacifier as a key ring. It is a perfect detail, in addition, to give away.

Precisely speaking of keychains, to tell you that these types of dolls like the youngest girls very much, and I tell you that because among the friends of my daughters and the oldest they succeed, and much, this type of dolls as keychains. Alejandra and Maria specifically have one of these with their hearts.

A way to give a special touch to your backpack, in addition to personalizing it, because it would not be the first time that we met a backpack in the school, right?

In addition to the heart, I am sure that the unicorns and the bunny will also be star gifts like a personalized keychain with name, they can not be more ideal.

But attention also to this beautiful Bell, a real beauty for the most Disney fans.

Details designed for all occasions…

And what about these other dolls as a detail of Communion? A most endearing way to remember that special day. Surely they love it.

Of course, equally perfect as a gift, some of these wonderful dolls, for a pregnant woman for her baby, to complete a basket or basket, for birth, baby shower or christening.

A detail that will make sure to anyone who receives it. In addition, you can customize it and choose between different sizes.

I would choose that bunny in giant size, as I said, to decorate, do not you think it’s a super special detail?

Do not forget the classic amigurumi dolls that triumph the most in Mariquillas Dolls like the dancer, the little riding hood, the pacifiers of all styles, Miffy or the Princess Leia of StarWars.

You have it for sale through this Amazon link, but through its facebook, you can check more prices, models and different sizes. Mar will help you with any idea that may arise.

And as you liked them so much and you want more, do you fancy a super draw?

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