Tricks to save in the shopping cart

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For very good income you have, the list of expenses is bulky; To the budget related to children, you have to add the usual expenses of the house: shopping cart, rent or mortgage, supplies … an accumulation of figures that light the alarms and prevent saving.

It is not surprising that many families resort to online loans. The fast online credits of Viaconto have taken many people worried about expenses out of trouble. At present, they are a highly valued option for consumers to face unexpected budget mismatches.

How much does it cost to keep a child in Spain?

Forming a family requires an economic planning effort that is not always done with sufficient thoroughness. We think roughly in figures and expenses, without accounting for the overall cost they represent.

Consumer experts have. According to the updated data of the Spanish Confederation of Housewives, Consumers and Users (CEACCU), only in school budget children over three years require an annual investment of about 9,000 euros. We are talking about schools, school supplies, uniforms, etc. After 6 years, extracurricular activities and later new technologies (computers, video games …) and stays in camps come into play, which can increase the budget a minimum of 1,000 euros more.

Initially, most of the budget is taken by daycare centers. Those of a public nature can cost around 4,500 euros a year, while in private figures the figures soar. The diapers are another source of significant expense, like clothes and shoes. In these concepts, the budget can reach 3,400 euros per year.

Food is a separate chapter and can significantly increase the figures. An example is babies fed with formula milk; The prices of these products are not exactly cheap. Medicines, visits to private pediatricians, medical treatments … are other elements that are added to the list of expenses.

Tricks to spend less

Given the large volume of expenditure derived from the attention to children, there is no choice but to tighten the belt and devise savings formulas. Viacom to, a fast credit specialist, knows the needs of consumers. That is why he has developed a list of very simple recommendations to apply. The tricks to save in the shopping cart can be consulted in detail on its website and include 10 aspects, including from the elaboration of detailed weekly menus, to tips for locating the best offers on our visit to the supermarket.

  1. Menus for the week

The development of a menu requires planning and calculation effort that is very valid from the point of view of saving. It allows us to choose the products that are most convenient according to the budget, and at the same time help in the configuration of a balanced diet. It is important not to deviate from the designed menu since then the containment effort would have been of little use.

  1. Don’t go shopping hungry

An empty stomach is a bad advisor; It leads us to buy on impulse and without paying attention to qualities or prices. It is better to go to the supermarket having eaten something; The purchase will be much more rational.

  1. Don’t despise supermarket brands

In general, the so-called white brands are not worse than products with a recognized name. If you don’t trust, check the websites of consumer associations; There they make numerous comparisons and offer detailed information about supermarkets and cheaper products.

  1. Offers 2 × 3

The promotions of the supermarkets are usually advantageous, but it is necessary to stick to the products that we really consume. It is no use buying 3 kilos of bananas at the price of two if we don’t like bananas.

  1. Look well on the shelves

Do not focus your attention only on the most visible products. The supermarkets place promotions in strategic places, but the cheapest products are usually at the top or bottom of the shelves.

  1. Get a supermarket card

The shops reward their most loyal customers with advantageous prices and discounts. It is a sales strategy that can bring us benefits.

  1. Buy seasonal food

Seasonal fruits and vegetables are found in abundance in all stores and are always cheaper than off-season products.

  1. Take your shopping cart

You will save on bags and help reduce plastic waste.

  1. Reduce the purchase of processed products

It is much cheaper to buy raw food and cook it at home. You will spend less and eat healthier.

  1. Cook and freeze

If you have time, cook in large quantities and put them in the freezer for other occasions. And always try to take advantage of leftovers.

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