The coolest backpacks for children for school or traveling

Preparing for the child

Look how cute backpacks for children I have found. Perfect for school or even for trips, thinking of the little ones and those who are somewhat older, since you have them available in two sizes.

Various animals to choose from, according to children’s tastes and ages.

My daughters have fallen in love with the unicorn, and I particularly love the dinosaur, the dragon, the crocodile, the bird, the penguin or the snake.

One of the things that have caught my attention in these backpacks is that the little hands of the animals can be moved so that the child can give his touch.

You can customize them

They are customizable if you like it to go with your name or with your initials, and if you pull the tongue you can put personal data of the child or even a photo.

Personalized or not a type of super original backpack that your little one surely loves.

And even if you already have another type of compulsory backpack from the school itself or more type of car, this type of backpacks are great for extracurriculars, and the smallest ones, for when they go on an excursion or getaway, even when traveling. One of my recommendations for traveling , that each one carries their own backpack with at least their water, some lunch or snack and a pack of tissues. Fundamental when traveling with children or even as a couple.

I have signed them in one of my favorite online store’s par excellence, in Tutte.

Two sizes to choose

The small backpacks are priced at € 34.90 – € 39.90 depending on the model we choose.

And large backpacks, between € 54.90 and € 64.90, also depending on the model.

They have a lot of secret pockets, a large pocket in the front, they are ergonomic and have adjustable straps so that they adapt well to the child and they do not fall out, as well as a handle to be able to hang it from the coat rack in class or when arriving at home.

You have these Affenzahn backpacks and many other models in the shop, I recommend you take a look, you will find this style for the little ones and another style thinking about the younger ones.

Which one do you like the most?

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