The best Complementary Infant Feeding with Hipp Bio

Preparing for the child

He made pots and pots with different types of vegetables, veal, chicken and fish alternating, and it was nice to see her eat. With more of the same or better fruit, I enjoyed each of those fruit porridge.

I was to prepare everything homemade, even if we were traveling, freezing and heating. The problem came with the fruit since it was impossible to prepare and give it without losing the vitamins and properties along the way and that’s when I started trying other types of options. The truth is that the salty pots, I did not get it … I had become accustomed to the flavors of my purees. And those of fruits I started to try brands and ran into those of the Hipp Bio brand that convinced me to be ecological and natural. This saved me from many troubles, and I didn’t want to force him with the salty since it was sporadic and gave him the fruit .

I still remember our first two trips with her. To Belgium and Granada. And these potatoes (in addition to some batch of my frozen purees for salting) accompanied us.


Then came her sister Maria and more of the same. The truth is that it is very comfortable and a peace of mind to have a product of this type like Hipp Bio, as a complementary food and for certain occasions and if you can and is possible, completing with breast milk (which we already know is the better milk for our baby) or formula milk.

And in that search to try to complete his diet with the best, I opted for this type of potatoes for what I said before. Being ecological they are cultivated free of chemical products and are made with high-quality natural products and without preservatives, which for me is essential and provides peace of mind as parents.

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