Summer is coming. Prepare your baby with these tips


In this article, we will see some recommendations to take care of our babies in summer, as well as the spaces where we can buy some of the items they will need. In this regard, the Condor store is presented as one of the best options.

Sun protection

It is essential to avoid burns during the spring and summer months. The skin of our babies is especially delicate, so it is necessary to resort to creams with a high protection factor. Often in stores and pharmacies, they specify the type of creams we can use for girls and boys based on their ages. It is important to pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions, such as renewing the application after contact with water, for example.

On the other hand, it is advisable to avoid sun exposure during the hottest hours of the day. Placing our baby in a shadow is the best way to fight the sun’s rays. Likewise, it is advisable to wear hats to avoid sunstroke.

Maintain a good body temperature

It is common to worry about whether our baby is cold since we often fear the appearance of colds or viral processes. However, it is equally important to worry about not subjecting the child to too small temperatures. Adapting the clothes for hot days is the first step we must take. Likewise, bathing it when the ambient temperatures are high will also help keep our baby cool. Don’t be afraid to buy a baby’s swimsuit and take it to a pool, the river or the beach. Contact with these spaces will also help improve your relationship with the natural environment.

During the rest of the day, a good idea is to opt for light clothes that allow you to easily regulate body temperature. In stores like Condor, you can find some summer sets ideal for our babies.

Equip yourself for the summer

It is possible that during the hot months we need specific baby accessories, such as a windbreaker for the beach or an umbrella for the cart. It is convenient to know our habits and see if it is necessary to purchase an item so that the baby can enjoy our plans to the fullest.

Prepare for possible bites

Mosquitoes are the main protagonists of summer nights. Their bites can be especially annoying for our babies, which is why it is convenient to consult our pediatrician about the methods we can use to avoid them. It is important to pay attention both to the guidelines of our trusted doctor or physician and to the indications and precautions of the manufacturers of anti-bite products. Depending on the age of our son or daughter, we may not be able to use some of the products on the market.

Opting for natural remedies may also be a good option. In this regard, plants such as citronella can become our great ally against mosquito bites.

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