Products and Ecological Fashion for NaturaPura Babies

Preparing for the child

In their constant search for the best for the baby, since its creation, already in 1999, they have pursued to create the best clothes for the well-being and comfort of the little ones, respecting, above all, their delicate skin and environment.

Therefore, NATURAPURA only use natural products, without dyes, or chemical products, hence the color of all garments is the same as that of natural cotton: raw, green or brown, in fact, all products have been dermatologically tested,

NATURAPURA has a permanent collection consisting of bodysuits, scrubs, pajamas, pants, accessories and toys that can be acquired throughout the year both on the website itself (or if you prefer a physical store, and you live in Madrid, you can stop by its only store located specifically in the Arturo Soria Shopping Center, a commercial center that I frequented so much in my youth, by the way.

In turn, they present two temporary collections throughout the year.

In turn, they present two temporary collections throughout the year.

One of NATURAPURA’s constant concerns is the creation of ecological clothing and sustainability, helping to create a better world.

It has been the first Portuguese textile company certified with the European Ecological Label (ECOLABEL).

Products thinking about the delicate skin of the baby

Products are sewn with 100% cotton thread, which will not irritate the baby’s skin.

In addition, taking care and pampering every detail, since, for example, newborn pants do not wear elastic, so they will be comfortable in the area of ​​the umbilical cord and also, all labels, so uncomfortable always for the baby, they are on the outside of each piece to prevent them from rubbing, the shirts are easy to put on and almost none of their knitwear has seams.

All clothing is suitable for the age of babies and easy to put on.

And do not miss other types of accessories and accessories for the baby, such as toys or bedding.

Most of the time, babies, they put toys in their mouths, so they are designed and tested, ensuring they are safe for them.

Toys made with 100% organic cotton in their natural colors, without dyes, without bleaching, without chemicals or pigments.

Nor do you lose sight of your ceremony collection thinking about baptism and other special occasions of celebration.

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