Our experience with Mustela brand products for babies

Preparing for the child

They have many useful articles for the care of children. But if you are not sure which product to choose, I indicate several of the ones I have tried, maybe it will help you decide !

  • One of the ones I like the most is the Mustela Colonia Musti 50 ml, and now it comes with a super chuckable teddy bear. You know that babies give off a very characteristic and endearing smell, well, this cologne will enchant you because it is very soft, it has no alcohol smells like flowers and fruits and will intoxicate anyone who smells it. I can’t stop using it!
  • My baby, like me, has very sensitive skin, that’s why I have been very worried about choosing a suitable cream with high hydration and, after trying several products, those of Mustela have been the ones I liked the most, in particular, its moisturizer comfort very sensitive skin of 40 ml. It’s fantastic, create as a double skin which makes it easier for my baby to have a greater sense of protection.
  • And precisely because of this skin problem, I have been inclined to buy products such as Comfort Bath Gel for very sensitive skin, it has 300 ml, it does not have parabens or soap and it comes with a very useful applicator. I recommend it, I think that once you try it you will love it, I certainly find it the perfect option for your personal hygiene.
  • Other of the things that surprise me about babies is how much they dry their skin, especially during the coldest months of the year, so after trying several creams at the end I leaned by the Cold Cream of 40 ml, it is super moisturizing and as soon as you apply it you solve the dryness problem.
  • Another product that I used and that I consider being totally necessary, is that of Mustela Crema Stelaker 40ml since it prevents the appearance of milk crust in newborns and is composed of natural products such as aloe vera and jojoba oil, so Instantly soothes possible irritations.

I hope you have found my experience with these products useful, as you will see I have tried a lot, so I encourage you to buy Mustela products. Personally I also based on the opinion of other people to choose what could be better to take care of my baby and I am very happy with the results. In addition, today online stores make it very easy for you to make comparisons of prices and valuations of people and, if in the end, something convinces you, you just have to add it to your cart and they will take it home, that is, That everything is facilities. For my part, I will continue testing products and sharing my feelings. I hope you like them!

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