Our Best Friend, the Pediatrician

Preparing for the child

And don’t you get the feeling that children are less and less controlled and in the absence of more frequent periodic reviews? Doesn’t it happen to you that when the important moment of medical specialties arrives we get dizzy from one place to another lengthening it in time and that we only live to go from consultation to consultation and from center to center with each unforeseen or some of the diseases even more common?

Well, that feeling I have every two times three. When it’s for reviews, great, it’s your thing, it’s your turn. However, social security reviews are increasingly lengthening over time. Routine controls evaporate until a few years have passed and further monitoring would be interesting. It is already known that the key to many diseases and diagnoses is prevention.

Health center in the same center

And that’s when I miss private medical insurance for my daughters. Because yes, to this day I still do not have, and it is that my health center, in terms of pediatrics, I recognize that it has always worked phenomenally. Now, when they send me to specialties is another story … and that’s when I consider hiring private insurance for them, taking into account even more, than any complication or even doubt, I am one of those who fully trust my pediatrician , and I consider that it is better to have everything in the same center to be able to ask you any questions, either by worms, vomiting or to prescribe Apiretal and the doses to be administered or the medicine that I touched at that moment, because yes, during a time the pediatrician, I consider him as one of my best friends.

I have thought about searching, but what do you want me to say, I do not have time either, and that is when I am grateful that there are medical insurance comparators such as Rastreator, where we can find the coverage that best suits our pocket. Without going any further I was informing myself a few months ago, they didn’t convince me and I finally let it be. At least that way I can compare several by simply filling out a short form and comparing between more than 20 health insurers. And most importantly, Rastreator is a free, fast and simple service.

And seeing this I am going to encourage at least to inform me to see which one can adapt more to my pocket (the two options that I found for myself, as I have mentioned before, did not finish convincing me and between that we are everything since we are parents and lack of time, I let it be). Now knowing this I see it easier and also being able to choose the best option that suits my needs.

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