Nuna Demi Grow – The Convertible Cart

Preparing for the child

Thanks to the 23 different ways of placing the seats you will find the perfect combination for you and your little ones!

Seating options

The Demi grow is really an all-in-one stroller, as it easily adapts a second carrycot, a second stroller or a second car seat with the adapters included with the purchase of the car; and can even be combined for children of different ages.

Thanks to so many seating options, this cart is a really smart investment and can serve us for a long time, without having to spend more even if we have another baby.


The stroller seat is suitable from 6 months when the baby has neck and head control because it also has 3 reclining positions so that the baby can rest or be attentive to everything that happens. The integrated footrest adjusts with one hand to provide greater comfort.

The chair is also reversible so that the child can look towards the parents or the world during their walks, and invert it is very simple, everything is done with a click. And for added security, it has a safety bar that can be removed for the entry and exit of the child in the chair and a 5-point harness very easy to adjust as the baby grows.

There is one feature that I love: the seat adapts to any type of weather since the padding is removable. The breathable mesh part (hidden under the seat padding) will be perfect for hot summer days.

If you want to use Nuna Demi Grow for two children, you have the option of buying the second seat. The good thing about this is that it has the same capacity as the main seat, and does not need adapters to place it, so we do not spend extra money.


It is suitable from birth to about 6 months. It is equipped with a high-quality comfortable mattress that provides a suitable position and support for the back and head of the newborn.

Car seat

You can also place one or two-car safety seats thanks to adapters compatible with the Nuna PIPA series, included with the purchase of the chair. And you can even fold the chair with the adapters.

Demi Grow – Many options for different children

When you use the cart in the double mode for children of different ages, we can place the chair for the older child at the bottom and the carrycot for the baby at the top. So we can have the baby insight and the older brother can have his own private space at the bottom, which they usually like very much.

Soft top

Both the carrycot and the stroller have a large hood with UPF 50+ protection, but in addition, the chair has a folding and extensible visor for added protection on the sunniest days.

The hood also integrates a mesh window that provides additional airflow on hot days.

Wheels and suspension

The front wheels are swivel so that the cart is more agile (very useful in tight spaces and corners), but can also be locked to provide better stability on harder terrain.

4 Demi Grow wheels are made of durable foam of high quality cushion rides just as well as pneumatic tires. Thanks to these wheels you don’t have to worry about a flat tire or having to swell them and they also have a good size to adapt to any type of terrain, without staggering or getting stuck. And on the rear wheels a great secret, they incorporate a fender and hubcaps to protect both the cart and the child from dirt and to prevent the child from touching the wheels and getting hurt.

In the simple mode, under the seat, there is a large storage basket with a special design that allows access to it on both sides.

The Demi Grow is the perfect car for those families who have a child and plan to have more in the short term or for parents who already have two children, both twins or twins and of different ages because it is a car that grows with the baby and adapts When the family grows.

The Demi grow is available in Frost’s color.

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