NUK Nature Sense baby bottles

Preparing for the child

For several medical reasons, I could not breastfeed and we had to use bottles … go cloth! I became an expert in all brands, I tried all kinds of teats, anti-colic bibles, what do I know! All I wanted was for my little one to have the best since I couldn’t give it to myself.

Anyway, the fact is that I know that many of you have had a problem that has prevented you from breastfeeding directly, there will even be someone who does not even consider it and decide to feed with artificial lactation, and there are also the mothers who will continue to breastfeed maternally but, due to the working day, it will have to be the father or grandparents who do it with a bottle using stored breast milk; so I thought you might be interested in the new NUK Nature Sense bottles, they sent me the information and their characteristics seemed very interesting to me.

The bottles NUK Nature Sense have multiple similar to the breast fine holes that provide a natural and continuous flow of milk is super wide, providing greater comfort, its anatomical shape makes baby food is more natural, and its extra soft nipple manages to complement this point; It also has an anti-colic valve, it is easy to handle and spill-proof.

Surely you are interested in knowing much more thoroughly about NUK products, if this is the case, you have a super interesting blog where you will find everything related to them, this is Bebesnuk Nature Sense.

If you are first-time mom, you might like to take a look at the YouTube channel of Diario de una mama, where a recent mother shares her experiences with her little one,

What do you think of the new Nuk Nature Sense bottles? I wish there had been in my time with my oldest! Surely he would have had a much more pleasant and comfortable artificial breastfeeding. Do you use bibles at home with your kids?

And you know that when the baby does not use them, you can always extend their life as Valeria, who uses them to play to feed the dolls.

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