My experience with Dr. Brown´s Baby Bottles

Preparing for the child

If there are some bottles that have helped me a lot when my daughter Alejandra was small, those were Dr. Brown’s bottles.

Unfortunately, my experience with breastfeeding was not as I expected, as I told you in the post Before and After After Breastfeeding. So we had to resort to mixed breastfeeding.

She was already nervous while breastfeeding in the afternoon and the same thing continued with the bottle until they told me they were colic.

The fact is that they recommended to me precisely the bottles of Dr. Brown’s because it helped to reduce those annoying cramps that make the baby cry so much inexplicably and that our parents part our souls by not knowing what to do for them.

It was a total change. The bottle of that hour, which had become torture for me, was nice to see how I took it and was satiated and happy.

They have a wide variety of teats of different sizes so that we can adapt them to the needs and age of the child, as they demand. From premature to more than 9 months, each nipple provides a different flow.

They are made of extremely soft silicone.

In addition, Dr. Brown has redesigned its bottles so that it can be used with or without a ventilation system, adapting to its growth and its needs.

In addition, they have measuring stems, which are essential.

BPA free is designed for the child’s development,

Its design helping digestion primarily by its system and helping to preserve vitamins.

Dr. Brown also has a wide range of baby care products such as pacifiers, teethers, glasses…you can see their full range of products on their website Dr. Brown´s Baby.

I hope you liked it.

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