Marietis Cloth Bags and Custom Backpacks


In this case you can choose between a backpack type bag and case or snack bag with the drawing that you like and if you want with the name of the child or even yours, because to me the star print or that of the dancer in black and white I love it even for me, what do you think? Even the beach houses, the Indian feather or the surfboards.

Craftwork is full of inspiration and dedication from the hand of María Gámiz, creator of Marietta and as I already told you when I showed you her hand-painted cloth bags, licensed in Fine Arts and always linked to art in various facets of her life.

Do not miss their wonderful work: personalized gifts for hand-painted babies, for children and even for the youngest ones, as well as ideas for decorating the house, children’s murals with princesses and personalized tableware.

And, of course, their bags, sacks, and backpacks of cloth that are so successful. A kind of perfect bags for the whole family, ideal for school and after -school children but also for holidays or thinking about a weekend to travel to any destination with children or couples ourselves, or for any break both as a backpack to store more delicate clothes or shoes in the suitcase, or for children’s excursions, camps…

And even, why not, to keep at home pajamas, underwear or hair accessories of the princesses of the house or to carry their paintings and a notebook in the car (as I commented on one of the 10 Tips for Traveling with Children)

You have more models on the Marietta website or on their social networks, both on Facebook and Instagram.

What design do you like most?

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And do not forget to visit the Marietta website with more designs of backpacks, bags and cloth bags.

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