LOOPi, the Stroller for All Types of Families

Preparing for the child

I tell you all about LOOPi City and you will see how you will fall in love with it in an instant. The seat where the child goes is giant so that it is comfortable regardless of its size because not all children occupy the same place at the same age. And the bottom carrycot is a big one so we can carry everything we need, I love strollers with a grade basket!

The city is the basic model of the LOOPi series, ultra-compact and lightweight, designed to maneuver easily in tight spaces. Its adjusted measures together with its folding system type book, make this stroller, an ideal companion to fit any elevator or trunk no matter how small your space is and also the height-adjustable handlebar, which is a blessing for Dads and tall moms.

LOOPi Allroad, with these inflatable and larger wheels we can go for a walk with our little one on any road, there is no place that resists us to enjoy with the family because they adapt to all types of terrain, they are ideal for irregular floors or unpaved tracks. So it’s great for family outings. The Allroad model also incorporates a City wheelset, as the system has been designed to exchange the wheels from one model to another with a single click.

And finally, Running is the evolution of the sport of the LOOPi family, this stroller is equipped with large wheels so we can perform any physical activity, and is suitable for all types of special terrain, it is the ideal model for all those they want to enjoy their children, without giving up daily sports. The Running model also incorporates a City wheelset.

LOOPi is a super light and manageable stroller that we can use from birth with the different combinations available of a carrycot or baby carrier Group 0+.

In addition, it is very economical and has the great advantage of being able to exchange the wheels according to the use we want to give it. For me, this is a hoot, because we don’t have to have different cars to be able to give them according to what I use. If we feel like running, we don’t need to spend a paste on a specific stroller for this, we just have to buy the LOOPi Running wheel kit and use it whenever we want.

It would have been great for our family excursions because the Allroad wheels are perfect for mountain, country, beach … they are perfect for all types of irregular terrain.

What do you think about the LOOPi City of Casualplay? What is this stroller past?

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