LILLYDOO diapers and baby care products

Preparing for the child

The fact is that a few weeks ago, talking with some friends who do have babies, the issue of diapers and the new brands that exist in the market, the two coincided in a brand, LILLYDOO, and the two told me wonders.

I had heard about her on social networks but I did not know her, and like many of you who follow the blog you have babies and want to have more information, I contacted them and they were kind enough to send me all the references of their diapers and also of their products Natural for baby’s skin.

Because they not only sell diapers, they also have a whole series of delicate products with the skin so that we do not lack anything in our child’s changing table.

I have not been able to try them, obviously, but what they have told me about them has seemed wonderful, so I wanted to inform you of everything in the blog.


LILLYDOO is a brand for baby care, which was founded in February 2015 in Germany. Its production is carried out in the European Union and a part of it in Spain.

All its products have a high capacity for performance, unconditional respect for the skin and unique designs, they are also considered “cruelty-free & vegan”, since LILLYDOO does not use components of animal origin, nor does it test its products on animals.

What I liked most about LILLYDOO diapers

  • They do not use perfumes or lotions.
  • They are certified by the OEKO-TEX ® STANDARD 100 system, that is, they have undergone a “control of harmful substances”.
  • They have the Allergy Certified certificate that guarantees that they are hypoallergenic.
  • They have been dermatologically tested by the Dermatest laboratory.
  • Diapers with modern designs.

We are all a little tired of the usual old-fashioned drawings in the diapers that we buy in the supermarket, I know that it is not necessary, but it is always a pleasure to innovate and take the children with beautiful and cheerful colors, especially in summer that We usually take them with the diaper so they spend less heat. Well, LILLYDOO has six modern, different and super original designs, so that our baby changes models every day.

Where to buy diapers and LILLYDOO products

With just a few clicks, we select the size, the design that we like the most and the delivery interval we want. And if our baby’s diapers are too small, we can easily return them.

In addition, as customers, we always have 25% on all products in the monthly box and do not pay shipping costs.

Do not tell me that it is not a total saving of time, energy and money. They have conquered me, have any of you tried them yet? What do you think of LILLYDOO?

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