Keys to proper care when washing clothes

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Do you know what are the 10 most common mistakes when doing laundry? It seems a lie, but at least I commit most of them. That is why Miele has stressed that washing efficiency depends on 4 main factors :

  • Temperature. The recommendations in this field are to use a minimum of 30/40 degrees and resort to it not only when colors are separated. In the case of baby and children’s clothing, which sometimes accumulate more dirt, 60/80 degrees can be worn as long as the garment label allows.
  • The duration of the wash. In this case, less is not more. And it is that short washes do not reach high-temperature figures, are more aggressive for the mechanics of the washing machine and consume more energy.
  • Machine mechanics. The washing machines offer every day more options, adapted to new needs and lifestyles, so it is convenient to choose the right program to take care of both the device and the clothes. In addition, he notes that it is common to forget to perform the basic maintenance tasks of the device, such as performing a 90-degree wash cycle with the empty drum once a month.
  • Amount of detergent It is important not to overdose, especially in soft water areas such as Madrid, since the rinses have to be intensified with all that this entails. Miele recommends following the instructions of the manufacturer of the product, to use a liquid detergent, since it dissolves before, and always from the box so that when it passes to the drum it is already mixed with water.

As adding the exact amount of detergent is one of the keys to getting a good wash, Miele has developed the TwinDos system, the best liquid detergent dosing system in the world, integrated in the machine and that can be used with both the products of the brand – UltraPhase 1 and UltraPhase2 detergents (bleach) – as usual. And it is that sometimes the products with bleaches are so powerful that they cancel the function of the detergent.

In addition, for garments that need special care the new machines are equipped with the CapDosing system; single-dose capsules of special detergents and softeners created by Miele, which are placed in the softener compartment and that the washing machines dose automatically at the indicated time of the washing process.

The German brand offers six special detergents (Sports, Feathers, Outdoor, Wool, Silk, and Waterproofing) and three softeners with three different fragrances (Aqua, Cocoon, Nature). This wide range of options is completed with the Booster capsule, designed to end difficult stains.

And I could not stop telling you this, because Valeria asked for her saint a washing machine for the clothes of her dolls and surfing the internet, I found this Miele toy washing machine like the one I have taught you in the post, isn’t it a pass from realistic?

It has up to two TwinDos dispensers at the bottom, it’s great! In case you want to see it, you have it on Amazon.

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