How to Face Hair Loss

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With the arrival of autumn, we normally face a period in which the fall occurs in a more pronounced way than we used to, and this aspect usually worries us. However, there are other factors that affect hair loss and can directly affect its occurrence:

  1. Stress. Yes, that’s right, physical and emotional stress causes hair loss. Usually, when stress disappears, the fall slows down, but you need to take care of this aspect since there are many other consequences that stress can bring.
  2. Inadequate nutrition. We are what we eat, and this is reflected in more aspects than we think. If you lack protein, to keep all possible in our body, the body reduces hair production. Taking fish, meat and eggs will help us recover this protein deficiency. Similarly, the lack of vitamin B can also lead to hair loss. On the other hand, the consumption of excess vitamin A can cause hair loss. You should reduce its consumption if it is the cause of your hair loss. The lack of iron also influences your hair making it easier to fall.

  3. Sudden weight loss. If your body has changed significantly and your weight has changed dramatically, it is possible that your vitamins and minerals are not enough, thus affecting the hair health.
  4. Mistreating hair: hair care that involves exposure to excessive heat is highly harmful. Frequent and continuous use of irons and dryers causes the hair to weaken, facilitating their fall. Exposure to the sun or brushing with barbed combs close together will also affect the fall.
  5. Have a baby. Hormonal changes in pregnancy are manifested in the hair, being able to pronounce the fall. However, after a few months, the hair will recover and return to its normal situation.

  6. Time. Yes, the passing of the years also has an impact on the hair and its fall is pronounced very significantly.

It will be necessary to take care to meet each of these situations to avoid excessive hair loss. There are food supplements that will help your body have all the necessary vitamins for the proper growth of your hair. Similarly, hair loss shampoos will help you maintain healthier and stronger hair.

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And you, how do you face hair loss?

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