Hold Nap Up Tutete Heads to Travel with Children in the Car

Preparing for the child

The travel and kilometers that we have done by car Madrid-Alicante and Alicante-Madrid. And on those trips, the number of times they have fallen asleep and the number of times I will have suffered to see how their head was falling forward, to one side, to another, … it seemed that they were going to twist their neck.

And on many trips, he went along with them, first only with Alejandra and then when his sister Maria was born.

He had tried several methods, but nothing, they didn’t work. The typical special cervical pad for children and nothing … without result, endured more than without it, but if they fell asleep deeply, there was the head, on one side, on the other side, on the other side again … and surely that you have kids you are visualizing it perfectly and you know what I am talking about. Other times what he did was put the culture a little more in front of the base of the seat of his car seat (of course, always tied) to see if his back was “something more reclined” and so it happened less that of the head, but still nothing.

Well, those who have children now are in luck, because Tutte , who is in everything, and always aware of the latest developments, (I have already told you on more than one occasion that for me it is one of those essential stores when one he has children around him) he has just put on sale a Subject Heads that I think is the invention of the century.

What is this device?

This is Nap Up, a device that we place on the child’s head hooked to his car retention chair and that will keep his head tight.

In the Nap Up the tape that holds the head opens easily in case of an unfortunate impact on the road, in this way the natural movement of the neck is allowed during the event. Thus we avoid cervical injuries.

The NapUp device has undergone multiple crash tests (Crash Tests) at CALSPAN, a leading American laboratory specializing in testing SRI ( Child Retention Systems ).

NapUp passed the tests of the federal safety standards of the United States and Europe (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard -213, NPRN 213, ECE44). The Crash Tests showed that the use of the product did not alter the behavior of the Child Restraint System in an accident.

The product has been developed by a team of engineers, doctors and designers with the mission of finding a way to prevent children’s heads from moving when they fall asleep while traveling, safely and comfortably while traveling in their car seats.

Available in two colors, in red and blue and made of organic cotton.

From the Tutte website they recommend that you be careful with imitations since many are not tested and create cervical problems. You must ensure that they have been previously tested correctly.

Price and Where to Buy

Its current price is € 39.95 and you have it in the Tutete shop. It has been very successful, and it is not surprising, so if you like it, the sooner the better, take advantage because they were sold out and have replaced them again.

I hope you liked it.

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