Hero Baby Natur Tarritos

Preparing for the child

I read everything that fell into my hands at that time to see how to start introducing the meals and talked to your pediatrician. Dani was an absolute swallow, so it wasn’t particularly difficult either; We started with sweet porridge and puree and then salted (at that time it started like this).

And one of the things that came to me greatly when we went on a trip or to have a snack in the park were the little pots, really that for me they were a salvation because with my guards and shifts, I did not give my life to make more purees of the account, freeze them and have them available to give them; so we made her steamed porridge at home, and when we went outside, we carried our baby food pots. Even at home, we have used them more than once because it really is much more comfortable, and having three young children, the truth is that they were a help to organize me most of the time.

Obviously we want the best for our children, so the most important thing is to see that the food we buy for our children is of quality and a recognized brand that offers us all the guarantees and transparency.

I believe that the first brand I bought was Hero, there was not as much variety as now to choose from, and it was the one that best ate with a difference.

One more way to feed our kids

The Hero Baby jars are perfect to introduce the meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables to the kids in a 100% natural way because they are cooked with the best ingredients in the garden and closed in vacuo so that they always have the best quality without the need to use preservatives or dyes.

All the ingredients that are used for the elaboration of the Hero children’s jars are specially selected and cultivated for infant feeding, and in addition, an exhaustive control is taken from the plantation to the final conservation, step by step, until arriving at the supermarket.

Food Security Controls

All Hero baby foods have a high level of food safety control, to comply with the strict regulations and ensure the best food for the little ones in the house. The ingredients are washed, crushed and cooked while maintaining all their properties. In the end, they close with high-pressure steam. They get into a kind of giant express pot, where a water bath is done at temperatures above 100º so that any microorganism is destroyed and the product is preserved in a 100% natural way.

Conservation is the key

It is important to note that Hero baby jars have no preservatives or dyes; something that for us as mothers is very important, I invite you to read the product labels, that way you can verify that they carry the same ingredients that we use at home. No more no less.

Do you use children’s cups at home with your children? Do you look at the labels when you buy your baby’s food?

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