Filvit Hogar to instantly eliminate lice and nits at home

Mom’s life

And what do you tell me when the typical school information letter arrives warning that there is a plague at school? We start to shake !! We cross fingers (including eyelashes) and pull everything we can (tea tree oil, home remedies, various pickups, shampoos, lotions), hoping there is luck.

Well, we should not only think about preventing contagion through hair, but we must also take care in classrooms, carpets, sofas, strollers, dolls and stuffed animals, … anywhere can be full of lice and nits.

Eliminates lice and nits from all objects in the house

With this motive, Filvit Hogar has been created, a product that instantly removes lice and nits from all household objects.

  • It is the first home lice spray is 100% effective, makes them disappear from all objects quickly and efficiently
  • Not stain
  • It has a pleasant aroma

Lice can live up to 48 hours

And it is that lice can live up to 48 hours, enough time to infest the whole family, so when our children have lice or pediculosis, our home also has them, because they are installed in any corner of the home or object that is in contact with the child, and then again at the head of our children.

Now it is possible to have greater peace of mind with the new Filvit Hogar, the first spray that kills lice and nits of all objects at once. A unique product in the market that offers greater comfort and a great time saver. Tested by strict efficacy studies and safety controls, which have shown that it does not leave a stain.

Hence, I found it interesting to share this info with you thinking about lice at home and in other public places, in fact, I think it is essential in typical places like ballparks or playgrounds, I think it would not hurt that they had this type of product … right?

Filet Hogar is a spray that can be applied to any type of material, even the most delicate ones such as fabrics, sofas or the interior of the car and without leaving a stain.

Where to buy it

Its recommended retail price is € 8.95 and you can buy it in pharmacies and parapharmacies.

I will tell you in some other post what I use to prevent lice in the hair (today there has been luck, but I will not say it too loudly) … of course. And for the home, we already know … If you try it, you can tell me, that although they don’t pay me to tell it, I found it interesting to share it, no idea how it works, although it is true that Filvit is a lifetime and its shampoos have always been It went very well.

About Filvit

In fact, Filvit is a company that has been helping parents and children to eradicate lice and nits for more than 25 years and has an extensive range of lice that stand out for their variability and adaptability, maintaining their standards of innovation and quality. One of the best allies of fathers, mothers, children and another family in their fight to eliminate lice.

Among its pediculicidal products are Filvit Kit Nature, Filvit Kit Anti-lice, Filvit Kit Dimeticona, Filvit Comb Thousand Picks, Filvit Protector and Filvit Hogar, which I have just presented, chosen Product of the Year for Innovation 2017. I really do not yet know him, and I think he may be fine.

For everything I tell you, it has been chosen Product of the Year for Innovation 2017.

I hope you found it interesting.

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