EZVIZ C2mini The Best Baby Monitor

Mom’s life

And everything I say falls short of insurance In fact, there are so many things I would like to tell you about her that I don’t even know where to start.

Well yes, I will start by telling you that, when you no longer need it as a baby monitor in the children’s room, you can use it at home as a surveillance camera, what do you think? Is she a pimp or not?

I explain the main features of the baby monitor camera and I detail the most important:

  • Remote control through a protected wireless network. In addition, it is compatible with various portable devices and allows remote control from anywhere while having an internet connection.
  • You can enjoy live video streaming 24 hours a day every day of the week with a viewing angle of 130 ° and 720p HD.
  • Record in HD 720p with 8x digital zoom, without wires.
  • It also has a micro SD slot to collect recordings and photos.
  • You will receive instant alerts on your mobile when motion is detected and you can listen to what happens with the integrated microphone.
  • Night vision of up to 10 meters so there is no problem with the dark.
  • Easy thanks to its manageable size, magnetic base, and mounting kit, it will really be a children’s game to install the C2mini.
  • Reduced size.

Easy installation

I assure you it can’t be easier; we just have to download the free mobile app, we go to the app search engine, we put «EZVIZ», we search for it and you will see the application like the one in the image; You install it on your smartphone, now you just have to configure it to detect our Wi-Fi and that’s it; We can start controlling the camera from our phone. Available for iOS and Android.

And thanks to its magnetic base you can even install it without using a screw, look how cool in the fridge.

Remote control

It is very easy, and you can also take a timely photo or record at some point just by pressing on the recording icon, it also allows you to do it on the device you are using or on the same camera if you have put a microSD memory in the slot.

Night vision

The night vision is a pass, nothing to do with normal surveillance cameras, being a surveillance camera, its vision in darkness has an excellent quality that will amaze you.


With the speaker, you can hear everything that happens in the room where the camera is located, also very clearly.

After telling you how it works, I will also tell you that it has a very cool design, which is very important when it fits in the room; It is perfectly integrated anywhere and it is so small that it is not even noticeable, you can even hang it from the ceiling like a real surveillance camera; Look how tiny it looks in my hand.

And finally … the price, you will not believe it !! much cheaper than most surveillance cameras that exist in the market and as you have seen, with many features that are well above the others; mine cost a little more than € 69 on Amazon, and now you can find it with a 10% discount on the link that I leave.

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