Bathtub with Thermometer Bebe-jou

Preparing for the child

In my case it was clear that it was going to be a bathtub with scissor legs and not a piece of furniture, because our idea was to put the baby bathtub in the bathroom and there we already had a piece of furniture, it was not necessary to put another one. For me, they are by far the most comfortable because they take up much less space and can be folded without problems.

A few days ago I received the information about the new bathtub with thermometer Bebe-jou from Belydom and I was impressed, I wish I had something like that when my oldest son was a baby!

Apart from being a real monkey, with a very current and minimalist design; It’s super useful, that’s why I didn’t want to stop telling you all about the bathtub with a thermometer , it’s a pass!

Bathtub with Thermometer Bebe-jou

The Bebe-jou bathtub is unique because its thermometer allows us to have the water at the ideal temperature of the baby’s bath for as long as we are using it. The end of leaving thermometers that are lost or forgotten, and putting your hand to see if the water is at the right temperature. The same bathtub gives us the information we need without doing anything at all, just putting the water in it.

It has two integrated dispensers so that we have available the baby’s body gel and the shampoo for your head quickly, without having to stop paying attention to the baby. An idea more than great because it is something that we all panic at the beginning during the baby’s bath, right? In this way, we always take the child and we do not need to move to open the soap cans.

The bathtub is perfect because it does not take up much space, it has a new click fixing system, which has both the support and the bathtub, which makes it totally safe and stable.

There is a great diversity of colors and designs to choose from, so you can keep the one that best suits your tastes or needs.

You can buy the bathtub with thermometer Bebe-jou in Bebeboo, El Corte Inglés, and specialty stores.

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