Backpack Bags designed for Parents and Babies

Preparing for the child

I’ve been missing you for a long time and didn’t stop by, but there are times that for a thousand reasons you have to take a break. A good break, in this case. Structuring my life, my mind, personal problems and reorganizing priorities, … this and many other things, have made me slow down and take a breath, and how necessary it is sometimes. Those who follow me on Instagram @ Beatriz.abelian already know of my new facet as a designer of bags for women, with which I am very happy, but I will not deny that I also miss thinking about this blog that so many satisfactions has given me and in those on the other side.

The truth is that with hundreds of topics I could not help thinking about those who read me here and I said to myself, I have to tell you … or I made a post thought, which they did not culminate in writing … The day they invented a chip brain-computer transcriber, you see, hahaha! … go that we would not like many such a thing.

Multifunctional Backpack

The fact is that this multifunctional backpack is one of those products that I find quite useful, for typical day we left home with our baby and his stroller for a long time and it does not hurt to double the loading of diapers, bottles, and others, or for dads and moms who take their babies for a walk and seek comfort above all.

I especially liked the capacity and all the features that these backpacks have, as well as the design and the range of colors that I can’t like more.

A bag of travel – multifunctional unisex backpack and impermeable, with sufficient capacity for diapers and bottles, isothermal and capacious.

Perfect for transport as it can be hung on the cart, carried on the back or transported next to our bags.

It also contains a charging port for our mobile phone, which will be phenomenal on more than one occasion.

I particularly love the green-mint or light blue backpack, but there is also in black, gray/black, navy and burgundy, and you have it for sale at the Koolkid childcare online store and its price, now On sale, € 38.99.

Doesn’t it seem ideal as a gift? I hope you liked it and that you find it useful.

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